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UK Essay Writing Process

Essay writing is not at all simple as people think. Whether you are asked to do this to get a scholarship, enter a contest, or as part of your coursework and homework, it can be extremely overwhelming.
Now, let’s get into details. If you wish to know how Rusheessays approaches essay writing, we can tell you that our whole team follows strict guidelines in addition to your instructions.

Choose the topic
If your topic hasn’t been assigned to you and you want us to do this for you, we will use that free reign and choose an interesting, researchable, and appealing topic.

Make a diagram or an outline
To write a great essay, experienced writers always organize their research and thoughts. They take what’s in their head and in their notes, find the connections and links between the key ideas, and spread them over an outline or a diagram.

Write a thesis statement
With the topic and the outline/diagram ready, writing the statement is much simpler. This statement will share the point of the essay with the reader in a concise and clear way.

Write body paragraphs
Body paragraphs of our essays argue, describe, and explain the chosen topic, as well as explore the main idea of the thesis statement. In the process, we maintain a single, basic structure.

Write introduction and conclusion
Many argue whether the introduction writing comes before writing the body of the essay or after. We use the first approach, since it allows us to work on the introduction after getting the idea of how the entire essay will go. We use dialogues, stories, quotes, shocking information, a summary of the chosen topic, questions, and other angles or hooks for the purpose.

For the conclusion, we will bring the topic’s closure by summing up the key ideas and providing a finalized perspective and reinforcement of the set thesis.

Add finishing touches

All that’s left to do once the paper is written is to edit and polish the essay before sending it to you.

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